With extensive experience in criminal and family law, CHJ Legal is a premier provider of legal solutions for Perth people.

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Our small but agile team will not pass you around from lawyer to lawyer, which means you will work with the same person (barring extraordinary circumstances) the whole way through the process.

Our team has extensive experience with people of:

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Chris James

Principal / Manager

Chris James is a Juris Doctor of Law having graduated from Murdoch University. He has primarily practiced  family law, criminal law and restraining orders, but also has experience with wills and estates, Criminal Injuries Compensation matters, child protection proceedings, Extraordinary Drivers License applications, Enduring Power of Attorneys and Enduring Power of Guardianship matters. He has worked in both the private and community sectors.

He has supported the Perth creative community by serving as a board member of the Film and Television Institute (now a part of Screenwest), a not-for-profit organisation with an annual turnover of around $3M, and working as a journalist for Street Press Australia.